Regan is the welcoming face that greets our clients as they arrive for their appointments at our Wallsend Clinic. She has experience working in healthcare and understands that attending nutritional and psychological therapy sessions can be challenging and difficult at times. Her role is to make your time with us comfortable and as easy as possible. She does this by supporting our clinicians with providing a high level of care to our clients and is eager and willing to answer all enquiries and she efficiently manages our booking and referral processes.
Having personal experience with an unhealthy relationship with food, Regan understands the mental load of rethinking how we nourish our bodies in a positive way. Regan enjoys cooking with her two young children and exploring new food experiences with them. Having married into a family with a Greek background,

Regan has experienced how food can be more than sustenance and how food is also about family, culture, comfort and life itself.

Regan looks forward to welcoming you to Myrtle Oak Clinic.