Acceptance & Commitment Therapy is a unique, creative and flexible form of therapy derived from the behavioural school of therapy. It takes the approach that behaviour and emotion can exist together and that it is possible to act effectively despite difficult or disruptive thoughts and events in life. ACT is goal oriented, active and experiential and aims to help one accept life’s hardships, identify their values in life and take action; action that is consistent with the identified values. Mindfulness, defusion and being in the present moment are some of the skills taught in ACT.

ACT is beneficial for a wide variety of conditions including eating disorders, anxiety, OCD, depression and trauma. Myrtle Oak Clinic’s psychological staff are trained and experienced in the use of ACT with both adolescents and adults. For more information or to make an appointment with one of our experienced clinicians please contact Myrtle Oak Clinic on 02 43 623 443 or visit our contact page.