Elisha is the friendly voice that greets you over the phone or in person at our Tuggerah Clinic. With over 16 years experience working in mental health, 10 of which have been in supporting specialist eating disorder teams, Elisha is the team leader of our Client Care Co-ordination team.  Elisha strives to ensure you are provided with a warm and friendly welcome to the clinic and are provided with a high standard of care. Elisha is very knowledgeable regarding the first steps towards seeking support when you are concerned about your eating and mental health. She will guide you through the steps for engaging with our services, assist you with any Medicare or Private Health fund queries and will make sure that you have all the information you need to feel confident attending your first session with us. Should your GP need assistance in preparing a care plan please direct them to Elisha.

Communicating with kindness and compassion Elisha is happy to take your call if you have any questions about how to seek help for a family member or loved one. Elisha has a good understanding of the various treatment options, including more intensive services, and is happy to speak with you if you are unsure about whether treatment is right for you. Elisha looks forward to welcoming you from our Tuggerah head office.

Elisha believes that food has the ability to nourish our body and our souls and bring people and their families together. Marrying into a South American family Elisha has seen food cross language and cultural barriers and open doors for communication.

Elisha enjoys working within a multi-disciplinary team and assists the Myrtle Oak clinicians in providing a continuum of care with a client’s General Practitioner.  Elisha looks forward to welcoming you to Myrtle Oak Clinic.