Psychologists are trained health professionals who can provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for a range of psychological issues. This may involve development of strategies to assist you on a day to day basis, talk therapy, guidance and support.

Here are Myrtle Oak Clinic we have two trained and experienced Clinical Psychologists, Dr Katherine Bartlett and Dr Leigh Plummer. Clinical Psychologists have proven their competency in the area of psychology by completing a doctorate at University. Both Dr Bartlett and Dr Plummer completed their doctorate in Health Psychology at the University of Newcastle.

Consultation with a Clinical Psychologist may involve:

  • A lengthy discussion about any issues you are facing
  • Completion of validated questionnaires to assist with diagnosis
  • An assessment of your current functioning, both cognitive function and behavioural.
  • An exploration of current thoughts, patterns, behaviours and symptoms
  • The development of a treatment plan including discussion of your goals
  • Practice of effective exercises and skills to help you cope with difficulties
  • Assistance, guidance and motivation towards positive change.

The first appointment with a Clinical Psychologist at Myrtle Oak Clinic is a 90 minute assessment at which you will be given time to discuss your goals for treatment. Ongoing sessions with the Psychologist are normally one hour in length. Some may like to have weekly sessions with their Psychologist while others may wish to have sessions less frequently. The frequency of sessions can be discussed with your Psychologist and will take into account your needs, safety, finances and availability. Myrtle Oak Clinic offers a person-centred approach to care and is happy to be flexible to fit with your individual needs. We place an importance on support, and help you to feel empowered by involving you in treatment decisions.

If you are finding that a mental health issue is affecting your daily life it may be time to see a Psychologist. If you would like to find out more please give our Receptionist Elisha a call during business hours on 02 43 623 443.

Just some of the reasons people have come to Myrtle Oak Clinic for support are:



Grief and loss

Clinical Eating Disorder

Chronic health issue – support for living with a chronic health issue and support to make changes to improve health.

Low self esteem

Body image issues

Self harm

Parenting skills

Stress associated with modern life

Help and motivation to place health as a priority

Difficulty coping with new parenting

Sexuality issues

Or individuals living with a long term mental illness.